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Cajas Colombianas “Cajascol S.A.S.,” is a dynamic and constantly evolving company that has more than 40 years of experience. We are one of the nation’s leaders in designing and producing folding and corrugated (flute E and B) board boxes. In addition, we produce paper cups for hot and cold beverages. We also operate in different countries, bringing diverse clients packaging solutions tailored to their needs while meeting the highest of quality standards, from the raw materials to the final product.

Cajascol is a company where the quality of our resources, our business management, and our products is clear. We have succeeded thanks to all the people involved in the company, who we both respect and hold in high regard. Through our spirit of research, we remain open to change and to constant improvement - because, in Cajascol, we are always moving forward. Our clients’ satisfaction is what drives our entire production, as we aim to provide creative and innovative packaging and drink ware solution.

Our commitment is to offer our clients quality packaging that protects their products and enhances their identity and image in the marketplace.